Archive: The Kwick "Four" Hunting Journal April, 2010
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Kwick Taffey of Joemac's MH -"Taffey"
                                                       Kwick Kooly Dew It Allstar SH - "Kooly"
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                                                              Kwick Draw McGraw - "Gunny"
                                              Kwick Training Archives + Hunting Results (Link)
                                                 The "Kwick Four" Training Journal Feb-Mar 2010 (link)

April 1st  trained at BT's hay field....ran five inline singles, downhill with strong cross-wind, primer
               pistol & 3" black & white flagged Avery flasher, stickmen at 50, 75, 100, 125 & 150 yards,
               radio remote line off elevated place board.....75 with a 16 mph south wind (left to right)
                       note: Kooly broke twice = no retrieve each time & sent back to line, OK after that
                       note: Daisy, Gunny & Taffey ran hard and being downhill increased the "mo" mode
                       note: no pressure, easy marks produces speed and success = "feel good" session
                       note: with "temps" topping out at 80 .....that's it for today
               Interceptor for all...Frontline Plus - Taffey, Daisy & Gunny...Kooly - Preventic collar

                                                                                            (left click on thumbnail)
             5 "ya-ha" Inlines"

April 2nd morning - trained at the Rockton DTA Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny ran five cold blinds in
               a V configuration (similar to the Zig-Zag lining drill....75, 100, 125, 100, 75 yards.....used
               orange bumpers......temps near 70 with out of the south at 15 mph (ran down-wind)
                    note: no real issues as all ran nice blinds, Gunny's initial line is improving
               afternoon - drove to Mississippi and moved fishing/duck trailer to summer "spot"
                    note: heavy rains tonight
April 3rd  trained only Gunny - ran the double Renegade casting drill at the Square Pond DTA
                    note: last time we did this he was confused & simplified by taking out the wide piles,
                             this time made them a bit wider more of an! he did a nice job
                             right away on both sides, the smaller, round elevated place board had him
                             sitting much "squarer" after a few retrieves, was full blast the whole session
                             and having fun with it.......praise & success were a "big hit"
                    note: other three had the day off  
April 4th  trained in the corn field at the Square Pond DTA (use erosion strip on north side, ran
               an HRC double off a bucket, popper gun (primer loads) plus a diversion on the memory,
               used hen pheasants for the marks and a 3" black & white flagged Avery flasher with an
               arc over the return line, holding blind and duck call
                    note: Daisy, Gunny, Kooly & Taffey trained in that order
                             Daisy's run was fine.....until I realized the diversion winger wasn't hooked to
                             the battery, fixed it and threw an extra bird from the line followed by the
                             diversion.....Daisy  hadn't picked up the hen pheasant before the diversion
                             was in the air......she was going to "change", but "quick" NO! ended that idea,
                             very good at the line and had no problem moving her head to look for the
                             next mark
                             Gunny was almost perfect, except the diversion bumper startled him so much
                             he dropped the "phez" in his mouth, a "quick" NO! got that sorted out, his
                             line manners were excellent and he marked well.....great "mo" and focused
                             Kooly got to the line before he was invited so we went back to the holding
                             blind and started over...a couple of whines at the line...not good....but he was
                             his usual "right at the edge of a cliff" self.........which he "jumps off" in tests
                             Taffey was almost ten she is still very dynamic
                    note: this session was the first one recorded on an HD video I have
                             to figure out the next step after pointing, opening & pushing "on and off"
                    note: sunny, 68 F.....wind from the S at 23mph gusting to 33mph

April 5th  afternoon - trained at the Square Pond DTA........Daisy, Gunny, Gunny & Taffey ran a
               variation of the "Long Wait" drill, three remote wingers, two cold blinds, three "faux"
               shrubs, ultra-low dog hide, popper gun with primer loads, gun stand, two pheasants,
               one mallard, orange bumpers (for blinds), six Avery FB mallards, four FB geese decoys
               plus a holding blind, cold blinds were run before marks with Gunny.......under the arcs
               and poison with Taffey, Daisy & Kooly 
 (left click on thumbnail)
            "The Long Wait Drill"

                   note: Daisy went first....spent about 25 minutes, good out of the hide, anxious mouth
                            when retrieving & didn't handle all that well on the blinds.....this drill will get
                            her conditioned to the excitement with focus on more control
                   note: Gunny went second....he was exceptionally responsive, didn't know exactly
                            what to do a couple of times, but worked it out, handled poorly on cold blinds,
                            was uncomfortable lining through the decoys (wanted to flare them), when "out
                            there" on the blinds he was looking for birds & blinked the bumpers at first, his
                            drill lasted about 20 minutes
                   note: Kooly had to run a cold blind before each of the singles, poor initial lines on
                            blinds (too focused on marks), barked at the line on first single...sent back to
                            the hide after I picked up the mark, next two poison bird blinds were mediocre,
                            but he "got there", no noise on the next two marks                   
                   note: Taffey ran it as a triple and two cold blinds, picked marks first then blinds, she
                            loved every second of it......high energy & very focused....she was the only one
                            not bothered by the decoys when running the blinds
                   note: just picking up the last of equipment when a huge lightening strike happened
                            just north of the rumbling thunder, but cloud cover was building
April 6th  trained at the Square Pond DTA....Daisy & Gunny ran a wagon wheel casting drill off the
               round place board....bumpers angle in to angle backs with 3" Avery Flashers
                   note: Daisy worked on "ins to backs" 1st and then "backs to ins" was sitting much
                            squarer on the round place board as the drill progressed, worked slow
                   note: Gunny ran the bumpers in the same position except the first time around each
                            cast was identified. the second time around with a bumper remaining at each
                            position he was cast around the horn again.....excellent progress & attitude, he
                            has the "likes to train" trait (from Taffey)   
               Taffey, Kooly, Daisy & Gunny ran a 175 yard cold blind to finish off the day 
April 7-8th  rain and/or cold plus wind = days off
April   9th 
afternoon - Daisy & Gunny ran 5 singles (land) at the Square Pond (Retriev-R-Trainer),
                 three wingers were setup to provide diversion marks on the way back from a retrieve,
                 Gunny did a wagon wheel casting drill of a place board 
                 Taffey, Gunny, Daisy & Kooly ran three long cold blinds in the corn field
                     note: the long term plan is to cut down on dog training, save money and hunt more,
                              maintaining dog skills will be the focus.........testing is on the "back burner",
                              cash flow, energy, interests and priorities have changed  
                     note: dog training will be every other day and one session for Taffey & Kooly
                              Gunny & Daisy will train more often
April 10th day off
April 11th late afternoon - rain on the way, trained at the Square Pond DT, did 7 walking remote
                line singles with all four dogs.....three were always honoring the running
                issues as all were very steady and a well knit pack (know their names
  , with the
                rain holding off Gunny did a very animated and exact run of a ten bumper Zig-Zag
                lining drill
....the lining routine is getting better every time & he likes these drills
April 12th early afternoon - trained at BT's hay field - setup the Long Wait drill first & then ran a
                solo Y- Drill with all four dogs at 125 yards, primer pistol, 3" black & white flagged
                Avery flasher, elevated place board at the remote radio line....Daisy & Gunny ran first,
                both had some suction from the winger in the adjacent Long Wait drill, but each made
                a recovery, the radio at the line "died" during Gunny's run.....therefore, Taffey & Kooly
                did the "old fashioned" way....release shouted from the gunner/BB (me)
                         note: with all the marks downhill, each dog had a "ton" of speed to the AOF

                Bob showed up with "Jack" just as the last Y-drill was being run, Daisy ran the drill with
                an inline double using the two right wingers (go bird short), she then ran a poison bird
                blind behind the winger station on the left......very nice job....steady & focused 
                Bob ran "Jack" next on singles (running Started HRC)
                Gunny ran the setup the same way Daisy did except there was no poison bird blind,
                picked up the single to the left and then ran the blind....solid work, too
                         note: the ATV made setup and take-down much easier
 (left click on thumbnails)
                                                       "Y Drill"
                                                     (125 yards)
    "The Long Wait Drill"

April 13th two lining drills with Gunny....the other three dogs have the day off
                did the semi-wagon wheel two tier lining drill with three slots, close bumpers were
                3" black/white Avery flashers every six feet & orange bumpers were 25 yards beyond
                      note: with six bumpers in each pile....Gunny ran alternating slots 18 times.......his
                               "look" is beginning to show and since his body is straight......lining seems to
                               be a "natural thing" for him
                      note: temperatures were in the middle 70's.....since we were close to home, getting
                               back in the cool house was a good thing.......he likes drill work, but if he has
                               to be stopped and started over again (did this twice), doing it cheerfully is
                               very necessary....this is good, his Mom (Taffey) and sister (Daisy) are right on
                               the "edge of it" when doing anything in training which means going over the
                               top at a hunt test is always a concern...Gunny appears to be the type of dog
                               that will peak at just the right level (wishful thinking ???)
                dusk - ran Gunny on the Zig-Zag lining drill & used orange bumpers for the 1st time
                      note: no issues...good thing the sun was going down.....still warm out

April 14th afternoon - Gunny did a review of the two tier wagon wheel with three slots & all four
                dogs ran two cold blinds

April 15th "stuff" happened and the dogs took a "back seat" = day off

April 16th did some four dog water tosses today - 1st time in the water this year......used Dokkens
                and had three dogs out retrieving with one remaining behind to watch, each dog that
                retrieved was followed by the next with Dokkens fanned out across the pond
                afterwards all four dogs ran two long cold blinds on land
(left click on thumbnails)
        "Kwick Labs"
    "two cold blinds"
     "public training"
April 17 - day off
April 18 dogs went to the Mississippi duck trailer to clean, rearrange "stuff" & take measurements
             for steps and replacing futon, on the way back we stopped at the Winnebago County
             DTA -  Daisy, Gunny, Taffey & Kooly ran three cold blinds
      "Mississippi R,"
       "camp grounds"   
       "Spring Lake"
  "three cold blinds"

April 19-20 two days off
April 21 left for Mississippi river at 11 am worked all afternoon getting new steps in and making
             a platform dusk four dogs trained - did the FDLFSWS Drill (four dog leap frog solo
             walking singles)....Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny ran 8 singles 50-75 yards while honoring
             each other
                    note: everyone slept well     
April 22 hooked up water to prepare for plumbing issue, but the trailer must have healed itself over
             the winter....everything was working fine
                    note: charged the new two-way radios
             morning - Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny ran a set of three cold blinds
             early evening - Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny ran a set of solo "inlines" with the radio line
                    note: longest mark was 170 yards
                    note: Gunny had a bit of trouble with the new radio, but when he nailed the fourth
                             I decided to not run the fifth
             Just before dusk, I caught a 17" largemouth bass off the bank by the trailer. This was
             followed by a breath-taking sunset.......and some tasty fillets....
  (left click on thumbnails)
                              "three cold blinds"
       "five inlines"
        "the catch"   

April 23 At sunrise, I looked out the front door to see the backwaters full of wildlife. Blue heron and
             white egrets spaced about 15 yards apart up and down the shoreline catching small fish.
             About 100 yards out in the slough were 100's of cormorants swimming around and soon they
             jumped for their early morning flight. Two wood ducks seemed nervous with all the activity
             and they flew up into the old tree near the bank. They preened for awhile and then took off
             into the slough. The grand finale was a larger river otter swimming past (near the bank)
             and heading north. What a truly fantastic way to start a new day. 
             early morning all four dogs ran a 175 yard cold blind...........loaded up the van and shut the
             trailer down before heading home
             noon - Daisy & Gunny marked off three wingers and ran a cold blind at the Square Pond DTA
                    note: Daisy tried to run an HRC triple with a blind up the middle - memory not good and
                             her cold blind was not sharp                            
                    note: Gunny ran HRC style double.....followed with a single and a blind - very good 
                    note: longest mark was 100 yards with the blind at 125 yards
                    note: primer loads in the popper gun with real birds for marks and orange bumpers for
                             the blind.....used the duck call for extra excitement.....both steady.....Gunny was
                             rock solid....Daisy is always mentally too "busy"......worked slowly & quietly

(left click on thumbnail)

                                                                         "HRC Setup"

April 24th day off - rain plus appropriate (needed)
April 25th - more rain and the NBA playoffs = "slacker time"

April 26th  late morning - ran a Zig-Zag drill with Gunny & Daisy, HRC style remote winger
                 doubles with a hand thrown, shot at diversion bumper for Daisy & Gunny
                 was on moving as little as possible while still marking off the gun
                      note: Daisy for some reason or another was totally distracted during one of
                               the lines (distant, far background is my guess), her bumpers were much
                               closer to each other & on a couple my opinion of her being lined up
                               properly was wrong.....need to look very closely at her eyes
                      note: Gunny did his Zig-Zag without missing one
                      note: video taped each session, Funny..... but I feel like I'm watching me, in a
                               few instances "adjusted" more than I normally would.....which is good,
                               it's as if you mentally ask yourself "What should I see later on?" or
                               sensing "Well now, that' was certainly not going to impress me."
                      note: 2nd set was very wide.......AOFs at least 160
apart, both did well
                               looking off the first mark (to the 2nd) in the doubles, Gunny is actually
                               better (with less experience)

                 evening - walking singles with Taffey & Kooly at the Square Pond DTA 

(left click on thumbnails)
                                           "1st double"
         "2nd double"

April 27th morning - ran a single slot, 2-tiered semi-wagon wheel drill with Gunny & Daisy
note: main emphasis was using push/pull to line, used 3" Avery flashers in
                               "1st tier" and orange bumpers 35 yards out......both dogs picked up
                               bumpers from all three positions & did well
                      note: Daisy's eyes are easy to read (solid click and lock)....Gunny not so
                               clear (no long, solid lock.....yet) with more experience...getting better
                early afternoon - 2 sets of Y-drills remote radio line at BT's & a set of six lining
                blinds (Swish drill) past the corner of a mound (
Daisy & Gunny)
Daisy, Gunny & Kooly ran both Y-Drills (75 & 100 yards in calf-high
Taffey ran only the first 
D & G took good lines past the mound & quick handles to the bumpers
                      note: everyone is sleeping well tonight

April 28th morning - ran 2 Y-Drills at BT's with Gunny & Daisy (1st at 80 yards...2nd at 90 yards)
                      note: both were running past the marks.....
Daisy was worse especially on  the
                               2nd set with the angle in, got the marks....hunts not tight.....consistent,
                               calf-high alfalfa is tough to mark in if the dog is not thinking distance,
                               used 3" black & white flagged Avery flashers downwind, with a primer
                               pistol and the remote radio line
                afternoon - ran 2 HRC doubles on land & two water singles with a short cold blind
                after each at the county DTA pond plus 1 long land cold blinds with
Gunny & Daisy
note: both are becoming very solid with the HRC routine at the line with the
                               primer popper gun,  water singles were easy & hand throw splashes so
                               the main thing was running their first water cold blinds....both fired off
                               the line, drove into the water and handled nicely
                      note: day off for
Taffey & Kooly
April 29th
day off for all 
April 30th afternoon ran remote line Y
drill #1 at BT's hay field with Daisy, Gunny, Taffey &
& ran a 2nd Y-drill (different) with just (D & G)
Daisy had hunts on the first. much better on the second
Gunny was not very motivated (tired, sick or board....not sure)
Gunny & Daisy (both) lined two cold blinds (100 & 125 yards) 
note: Daisy was fast
note: Gunny "ambled"(need short grass...long & easy or birds?????)
                               or maybe a few days of "roading"???? 

May  1st  day off
               change in focus and priorities, to join HRC, buy yearly sticker for Wisconsin's dog
               training areas and continue membership in HRC plus expenses to drive to club
               training twice a month & adding in entry fee/hunt test expenses.....will make a huge
               hit on the finances for next hunting season.......and for what.....a few ribbons and
      addition there are family priorities that must be dealt are
               skipping the whole hunt test process this year....again......dogs are steady and can
               handle........they don't know what ribbons are.....I use to live for hunt tests......for
               some reason they don't have that appeal now.....the justification is missing
               day off for all, yard work = mow lawn, transplant some hostas, change lower unit
               lubricant in the outboard and grease boat trailer bearings
May 3rd  continue yard work (lawn), finish "honey do list" and pack for "fish camp"
May 4-6th trip to Mississippi........going fishing and changing "course"

    These will be the last "Kwick Training" Journal entries for awhile.