"Pounce" -  nine months old
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  May 20, 2013 marked the beginning of a new phase - all four dogs were officially retired from hunt tests. Training was pointed toward maintenance of skills with the emphasis on being ready for fall waterfowl seasons.

Taffey will be 15 years old in August and seems to be nearing the end. Gunny left last May and was almost seven, Kooly will be twelve in November and Daisy is ten years old.  Both are in  great physical condition. They have their AKC Senior hunt titles and had years of exceptional hunting experiences.  Kooly and Daisy can handle anything wild ducks/geese and the elements can throw at us in the marshes on the Mississippi River. Taking turns provides a fresh dog for each hunt.

The other "new puppy" is Lylah and she requires more attention. Lylah is our autistic granddaughter and we have become legal guardians. My wife and I are in our 70's. There is not nearly enough time to regularly train dogs in group sessions and "training alone" has been a  great way to deal with time constraints. Even with this streamlined approach to training Lylah has become the primary focus. Switching gears will provide the adjustments necessary to meet the needs of Lylah.  

The newest Journal demonstrates a very different focus dealing with age issues, keeping dogs in shape, duck/goose hunting, our 53 year marriage and most of all raising a beautiful little child with special needs. With respect to the dogs........it has simply become "Maintenance Mode".

                                       Then a slight change in direction happened.

         A puppy named
Pounce came home on July 25, 2014 and her official AKC name is
                                                    KwickLabs Fountain of Youth
                                                          (as in
Ponce de León)